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Delicate 2 Overdrive

Delicate 2 Overdrive

Delicate 2 is an “Tube overdrive sound in a box” best for guitarist who need subtle smooth drive and rich warmer sound more than 808 legendary. Circuit inside come with JRC4558D the most IC chip use with the great pedal on the world. What different form first version?The Delicate V1. Make select compress sound with 2 choices between the diode and MOSFET. But this version we give 2 choices between 2 diode compress (classic) and 4 diode compress (modern) The classic (2 diodes) give vintage classic overdrive same as Delicate V1. But The modern (4 diodes) little more attack and lauder little bit. Sound great.

We also added feature “bright” and “warm” selector the bright give you fender tweed gain style and warm is the same sound with Delicate V1. This device is True bypass wiring with input ground signal and support 9-18v DC for better sound tone dynamic.


The Controls:
Drive : adjust amount of gain.
Tone : adjust low to hi frequency.
Level : adjust output level.
Toggle Switch1 :
select between 2 or 4 diode clipping compress.
Toggle Switch2 :
select between warm or bright sound.

Complete bypass (True bypass)
Supply voltage range: 9 - 18 VDC. @10mA.


Pedal Dimensions (LxWxH):   4.22" x 2.6" x 2.05"

Manual : (PDF)


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