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Dumble Drive  | PedalTank Pedal Effect

Dumble Drive

The Dumble Drive provides guitar players with classic Dumble amp tones! touch-sensitive overdrive pedals. Great dynamic response Smooth, round, balanced, low-to-medium gain overdrive.

The pedal come with 3 knobs control volume, gain, tone. At lower settings the pedal offers extremely light overdrive sounds reminiscent of Legendary Dumble amps set near the “sweet spot.” At higher settings, pedal increases gain and sustain, producing tasty overdrive.

Volume knob response circuitry-more shades and textures at your fingertips just by adjusting your volume knob.

The Controls
DRIVE: Drive adjust
TONE : Tone adjust
LEVEL : Output level adjust


Complete bypass (True bypass)

Supply voltage range: 9 - 18 VDC. @15mA.

Manual (PDF)

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