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Pro Booster  | PedalTank Pedal Effect
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Pro Booster (Clean Booster)

Pro Booster is a Guitar Pedal Booster that acts to increase the volume louder. Suitable for use in a clean sound booster or to raise the volume of a solo for prominence on stage.

The special feature of this booster is that it has 2 circuits in one. Most pedal boosters often they are built on op-amp IC, or a Transister, which provides sound that different, but Pro Booster brings both circuits together in one box

When selecting the OP position, it will select the boost operation through the OpAmp IC circuit, but if you choose TR position, it will select the sound booster through Transister JFET circuit.

Other adjustments are also adjusting the Level loudness and Tone not complicated easy to adjust.


The Controls
LEVEL : set amount of signal level
TONE : set amount of tone low to hi.


Voltage : 9V DC Negative ground.
Current : 10mA
Complete true bypass wiring

Pedal Dimensions (LxWxH):   4.22" x 2.7" x 1.99"

Manual : (PDF)

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