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Tong BlackHead 

Bass Booster 

​Bass Booster offers an entire sound spectrum of the most coveted traditional bass amprigs, from vintage to modern styles.You can also obtain gnarly overdriven sounds that typically require investing in a complex system with multiple rack effects that weren’t designed for bass in the firstplace.

PedalTank Bass Booster functions as a pre-amp, a stomp box, controls are designed to give you the flexibility to customize your own sound. After all, the greatest inspiration comes from having the sound that s right for you.

Level : Adjust output level
Drive : Adjust dynamic gain (little bit)
Blend : Allows you to blend the direct instrument signal with Pre-amps simulation circuit
Treble : Adjust Mid to Hi frequency
Bass : Adjust Bass frequency
Presence : Harmonic content and attack

SIZE (W/L/H): 62mm X 106mm X 50mm
True Bypass Wiring
DC POWER : 9VDC/50mA Ground Tip

Manual (PDF)

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