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Bass Booster 
Bass Booster offers an entire sound spectrum of the most coveted traditional bass amprigs, from vintage to modern styles.You can also obtain gnarly overdriven sounds that typically require investing in a complex system with multiple rack effects that weren’t designed for bass in the firstplace.
PedalTank Bass Booster functions as a pre-amp, a stomp box, controls are designed to give you the flexibility to customize your own sound. After all, the greatest inspiration comes from having the sound that s right for you.
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Tong BlackHead 

Level : Adjust output level
Drive : Adjust dynamic gain (little bit)
Blend : Allows you to blend the direct instrument signal with Pre-amps simulation circuit
Treble : Adjust Mid to Hi frequency
Bass : Adjust Bass frequency
Presence : Harmonic content and attack

SIZE (W/L/H): 62mm X 106mm X 50mm
True Bypass Wiring
DC POWER : 9VDC/50mA Ground Tip

Manual (PDF)

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