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BBlue Overdrive Pro

BBlue Overdrive Pro


BBlues Ver.2.0 is the effects pedal that sound Overdrive Style Vintage tone, It’s also clean sound mix control to customized combination of sounds clean and drive.

The basic circuit from 808 vintage overdrive that give the sound characteristics of the middle voice clearly for guitarist. This device add MIX control to  combination clean sound with overdrive. It's mean has 2 layers, clean sound in front of the drive sound. When we set MIX control to counterclockwise.

This device will be clean booster just like OP-Amp booster only Level knob can be adjusting the output level. Then MIX control set to clockwise this device will full control by 3 knobs Drive Level and Tone. 


The Controls
DRIVE : Sets the amount of gain.
TONE : Adjust for vary of treble tone content can't use when set MIX to full counterclockwise.
LEVEL : Adjust for output level.
MIX : Adjust to combination Clean sound and overdrive

Voltage : 9V DC Negative ground.
Current : 15 mA
Complete true bypass wiring

Manual (PDF)


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