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Horus Chorus  | PedalTank Pedal Effect
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Horus Chorus

A vintage sound chorus effect based on legendary small clone. The circuit modified some part for improving quality of sound and add more control knob for sound creativity 4 control knobs Rate for speed, Intensity for depth and Ambient for reverb room.Output adjusts when use with other pedal then louder. We also add the capacitor Filter switch for select speed frequency slow or fast.

This pedal good for all musical type pop, rock, blues, jazz, it can be used. Appropriate to all kind of music.

The Controls
Intensity : Depth adjust
Rate : Speed adjust
Ambient : Reverb adjust
Filter : speed frequency capacitor option
Output : Volume adjust


Voltage : 9V DC Negative ground.
Current : 5 mA
Complete true bypass wiring

Pedal Dimensions (LxWxH):   4.22" x 2.6" x 2.05"

Manual : (PDF)

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