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RedBurst Distortion


REDBURST DISTORTION is the completely of brutal amps pedal in a box inspiration from hige gain amplifier such as 5150, Regtifier etc.It take a high-gain, made for metal pedal with a powerful 3 band EQ. ensures that you can dial it in regardless of your amplifier

Dist. control certainly bringe heavy gain into play, but it goes farther than that. It lets you dial in medium crunch tones that are very responsive to your seriously power high-gain sound

REDBURST come with true bypass wiring footswitch ensures solid mechanical removal of the circuit when it isn't wanted, meaning you don't lose any tone when the pedal is off.

The pedal can be powered by one 9 volt battery, or any 9 volt DC adapter negative ground.

The Controls:
LEVEL: Adjust output pedal level
DIST.: Adjust amount of gain
MID : Adjust body mid frequency
TREBLE : Adjust Treble frequency
BASS : Cut/Boost bass frequency

Complete bypass (True bypass)
Supply voltage range: 9 - 12VDC 17 mA.

Manual (PDF)

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